Pakistani Pakora (Potato Fritters, Pakistani Style) | Becky Keeps House This Pakistani pakora recipe makes crunchy, spicy, buttery delicious pakoras (potato fritters). The best you've ever eaten, guaranteed!

Pakistani Pakora (Potato Fritters)

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Ahhh the Pakistani pakora!

Because it doesn’t get any more Pakistani than pakoras, my friends. With the rainy season upon us, the most Pakistani thing to do is eat pakoras and drink chai.  It’s practically our patriotic duty.  In commemoration of our beloved country’s 70th anniversary of Independence, I’d like to share with you a recipe near and dear to my heart: my Pakistani pakora recipe.

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We had guests over, and I was nervous. This was not unusual. I was always nervous when guests come over. But what was not usual was the news we received that morning.

My mother-in-law’s test results were back, the cancer had returned with a vengeance. The original tumor in her large intestine regenerated, and so had the metastasised legions in her liver. The prognosis wasn’t just bad, it was freaking catastrophic.

But we didn’t have time to discuss the results, or even to mentally process them. My mother-in-law’s cousins were expected to come over within half an hour, so it was imperative that we get everything prepared for tea as quickly as possible. While they were my mother-in-law’s first cousins, they lived abroad and so rarely came to our home that this was considered a formal occasion. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect so that, at least with this visit, she could be at ease. They did not know about her illness, and she wanted to keep it that way.

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Whenever I’m pregnant (which has only been twice in my life, but whatever, let’s make this a rule), I crave everything bagels with cream cheese. I think it’s the American imperialist in me, it’s like I need to encode the baby with half of my New Yorker DNA via bagel. So here I was, in my first trimester of pregnancy, and craving everything bagels so bad I could (and did, actually) cry.

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It was my first year in Pakistan after getting married, and I was expecting our first child.  It was the month of Ramadan, and the doctor had imposed a strict, no-fasting rule due to complications with my pregnancy.  I was depressed enough about being left out of the spiritual experience of fasting, but compounding that was an awful homesickness.  After ten months of being in Islamabad, I was missing my mom and I was missing the familiar taste of home.  In particular, I was missing hot, spicy pizza.