Authentic Chicken Curry with Desi Chicken | Becky Keeps House - This authentic chicken curry recipe uses domestic chicken for a traditional, home-cooked chicken curry, perfect for family dinners or for unexpected guests.

Authentic Chicken Curry with Desi Chicken

In Pakistan, I was introduced to the concept of a heart-attack guest. Okay, so nobody else calls them that except for me, but a heart-attack guest is basically someone who drops in unexpectedly around a meal time. I used to panic over whether or not I’ve made enough food, and whether or not the food is good enough to serve to guests and that is from whence the “heart-attack” comes.

Spicy Pizza with Chicken Fajita Topping | Becky Keeps House - This spicy pizza recipe makes delicious, Brooklyn-Style homemade pizza a snap, even if you don't have a pizza stone or peel!

Spicy Pizza with Chicken Fajita Topping

It was my first year in Pakistan after getting married, and I was expecting our first child.  It was the month of Ramadan, and the doctor had imposed a strict, no-fasting rule due to complications with my pregnancy.  I was depressed enough about being left out of the spiritual experience of fasting, but compounding that was an awful homesickness.  After ten months of being in Islamabad, I was missing my mom and I was missing the familiar taste of home.  In particular, I was missing hot, spicy pizza.